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Evil Eye Copper Aura Luxury Soy Wax Candle

The aromas of sandalwood, campfire smoke, oud, and patchouli give you a spicy scent in this beautiful 16 Oz. aura copper jar.  Each candle comes with a surprise wrapped up in the wax- your very own Evil Eye talisman!

The ‘evil eye’ is a malevolent curse, said to be cast by a powerful gaze. The traditional stylized eye of blue and white concentric circles is most commonly found in Mediterranean regions and Western Asia, dating back to Ancient Greece. This talisman, called a ‘nazar’ (from the Arabic for sight or surveillance), wards off the evil eye, or returns the negativity back to the caster. You can still see brightly painted boats all over the Mediterranean with eyes painted near the bow- an ancient tradition for protection and good health for fishermen that dates back to the Phoenicians!


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