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Lunah Life 3N1 Toner

Infusion of new moon + clear quartz

I've been a toner girl all of my life. Toners are a great way to clean the skin of any extra makeup, residue and junk hanging around after you wash your face. They help to close and clean pores, as well as hydrate the skin when you've gotten too much sun, or the weather is too cold!  This beautiful mist is a travel must. The carefully curated ingredients in this product even out skin tone, purify your complexion, and give you an intense moisture boost for dry or mature skin.  Our aloe juice helps hydrate skin, and the alcohol-free witch hazel closes and cleans out pores. This product is a must for oil + serum lovers, as oils need a carrier to penetrate the skin properly. Apply after cleansing and before moisturizing for optimal, glowing, healthy skin. 

Vegan. Nut free.

Skin Type: All

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