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The Green Witch Herbal

The Green Witch Herbal will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the Wicca world, so you can effectively start (or consolidate) your magical journey to become a green witch.

It doesn't matter if you are already an expert on the subject or if you are a neophyte of this wonderful world: this guide will give access to valuable information that will allow you to improve or increase your skills.

This book was created to help you find the right way in the path of magic, to show you how to work efficiently with herbal magic and how to incorporate it into your practice.

Here's what you'll learn from this book:
• Know a brief history of Wicca

• What are the powers and the five elements in of herbal magic

• How to work with herbs

• How to create your witch’s garden

• How to carry out harvestingdrying and storing herbs

• What are the best herbs for your magical purposes

• How to use herbs for your magic baths, to sleep better or to produce essential oils

You'll also find delicious recipes to bring some magic to your kitchen… and much more!

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