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Witch Wags

Facilitated by Melinda Erin Whitehead - Spiritual, Metaphysical, Intuitive and Paranormal Teacher-Consultant.

WHAT: A regular gathering to connect with other local witches for fun, learning, sharing and connection! Conversation, frivolity and fun with a smattering of witchy skill-building thrown in too! Come and get your wag on with us, Witches!

WHERE: Purely Wicked, St. Thomas, Ontario.

WHEN: 7pm - 9pm

COST: $25.00 per person paid in advance to hold your spot.

If you find yourself unable to attend you can try selling your gifting spots to friend or family.

Please notify us if this is the case so we can change the names for the night.

Again due to limited spaces and reserving a spot there are no refunds if you cannot attend your workshop.

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