I have always been intuitive and thought everyone saw and talked to spirit. As I grow in my abilities and embrace my inner Crone, I have found the guidance I receive to be of a healing and loving nature.

Originally from SW Ontario, I moved to BC to purse additional training and gain life experience. While there I trained under a variety of teachers in various modalities in order to discover my strengths. My natural gifts are as an Empathetic Intuitive, and I use my skills as a Psychic Medium for guidance through my guide and connection to spirit. My formal training includes certification as a Counsellor and Life Coach, Energy and Crystal Healing. I have practiced for over 20 years and guided people through some of life's toughest situations. The best way to describe how I use my intuition in a session is to say that I can see, hear and feel messages meant for you. I offer this information and work with you to choose the best way forward. My sessions are about helping people to use their inner strength to reach their goals.

As an intuitive counsellor I use my intuition and my guides to help my clients to gain clarity on aspects of their lives. I help clients to cut through the noise of busy lives to find calm. This gives clients a chance to hear their own intuition, sort thru the chaos and find peace a lot more clearly.

I am passionate about helping people to develop that knowing and that trust. Because, once you do, it’s easier to listen to that feeling about someone or something. I can help you learn to hear that inbuilt guidance and, as a result can help you start navigating your life and decisions with greater trust.

Life can become very busy and noisy and it is not always easy to listen and to hear our natural inner voice. Intuitive counselling can help you to tune in to what you can hear. When you can trust yourself and know that you will make the best decision, you will start to feel that beautiful clarity.

- Marie

Marie's Place- Workshops

Energy Cleansing

Our spaces hold the energy of events and people. Arguments, divorce...and yes spirit will leave an imprint. Have you ever walked into a room and been uncomfortable? It can be a sense of anxiousness, nervousness or even fear.

Perhaps you have moved into a new home and need to clear the energy. There are ways to bring alignment and contentment to the energy in your space. Join me to learn how to cleanse your space and create harmony and peace.

1 Hour - $40

Dates and Registration

Exploring Psychic Abilities

Everyone has them to different degrees. Is yours sense of smell, hearing, sight, or even touch? Learn techniques for defining and growing your abilities. Followed by an OPEN DISCUSSION ON THE PARANORMAL where I create a safe circle that will allow experiences to be discussed and provide guidance.

2 Hours - $60

Dates and Registration

Love is the Answer

An uplifting workshop where together we look at ways to anchor the energy of love and bring it into our lives. Light workers and empaths can become exhausted without even knowing why. Without the knowledge of tools we can feel exhausted, anxious, fearful or tearful without any reason.

Learn to separate whats are your true feelings from others, charge your batteries and continue to shine!

1 Hour - $40

Dates and Registration

Wisdom of the Trees

Explore the ancient wisdom of turning to nature for guidance and healing. Learn which tree most connects to you and why. Nature is our natural healer.

Listen and nature will connect with you in a variety of ways to guide, calm and inspire you!

1 Hour - $40

Dates and Registration

Crone- The Series

Calling all women who want to figure out what’s next. Today’s society tends to focus on the Maiden, the Mother… and the Crone (the third Goddess) tends to be overlooked, perhaps forgotten. Gone are the teachers who guide us into this stage. Not anymore! Join me in learning more about the Crone stage of a woman’s life, rediscover and embrace the next chapter!

Designed to take each workshop before progressing to the next. Laid out to offer one of each per month.


Who you calling a Crone…!? Explore the origin, the goddess and the struggles. Learn more about where the purpose of the Crone stage of life and how we fits into today's society.


Discussions, personal and group exploration on rediscovering whom you used to be before, marriage, motherhood, work and life took up so much time. What are your passions and gifts? The natural you.


Confidence! That is a definite trait of the Crone! In this workshop, we will explore ways each individual can love and embrace the Crone in her and how to fit this newfound freedom into your individual worlds.


Empowerment. Our world is going thru massive energy changes. The Crone is needed more than ever to guide the Maiden and Mother. To hold energetic space for others. So now that you have rediscovered your natural self – how can we do our part.

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