At Purely Wicked, we love healing and taking care of people. Old world witches and healers have passed down recipes and ingredients from Mother Nature herself. We are committed to bringing back nature to our lives, not only by healing ourselves but healing the earth as well. We do this by using recycled reusable and ethically sourced ingredients and packaging. 

Your skin is subjected to harsh elements every day. It is exposed to both heat, cold, harmful UV light, and air pollution. You wouldn’t want to take care of it using products that contain harsh chemicals, would you? If you are already suffering from skin ailments, it’s best to stay away from products and ingredients that might make your problems more severe.

At Purely Wicked, we would like you to take care of your skin using safe products. We offer natural, organic, botanical skin nourishing, body and skin care items. Join us in store, at our local markets, or order from our online store and have them delivered right to your door. 

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