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White Opal - Smooth

White Opal can be used for purposes relating to spiritual needs and development. It can enhance psychic abilities, cleanse the aura, aid in accepting wisdom, help one connect with their higher self and angelic entities, and align chakras.

The stone is especially helpful in bringing emotional balance. It allows one to deal with changing circumstances with minimum emotional turmoil, along with helping people confront their blockages and move past them. In general, it can help cut away old and unhealthy emotions and thoughts to make room for newer, good vibrations. It will also bring hope and healing.

White Opal is capable of other things related to the mind. It can enhance imagination and inspiration, release inhibitions, aid memory, and focus attention.

It is also used for: beauty, prosperity, luck, power, avoiding conflict and unwanted attention, and bringing happy dreams.

The stone contains a large amount of water and is sensitive to heat. Be careful with Opals of all kinds because they are soft stones and are cracked and chipped easily.

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