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Wicca Book or Candle Spells

If you are looking for a practical guide to start improving your life through candle spells, then keep reading.

The fire has always played a vital role in our daily lives, everyone uses it to cook and to warm up, but beyond that, if it is used rightly and carefully, it can release its incredible powers and its magical properties.

This new book is not a theoretical explanation but it contains a collection of spells and rituals with a step-by-step methodology, which will allow you to start exploiting the candles and their simple but powerful magic.

As your skills grow, Lisa Moon will explain to you how to develop and create the magic spells that suit you best to deepen and improve your psychic awareness and get more results.

The candle spells are the simplest and most recommended for beginners, but this guide is also suitable for those who have years of experience in the Wicca world.

In Wicca Book of Candle Spells, you can also find tips on buying candles, depending on their colors and which extra components can be implemented to immerse yourself more deeply into the cycle of life, the magic of God and the Goddess and the Wheel of the Year.

A complete glossary with candles will be a point of reference when you are ready to create your candle spells.

As a Wicca practitioner, you will learn how to associate candles with other elements in your spells: for example, how to use and prepare herbs, ointment oils and natural crystals.

In short, here is what you will find in this Wiccan Guide:

  • The importance of the fire in the Wiccan religion

  • Practical tips for selecting candles based on magical aims

  • Instruction for clearing, charging, anointing and inscribing candles

  • Colors correspondences for candle magic

  • Herbs & crystal in candle spells

  • Dozens of spells and rituals step by step

  • And much more!

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