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Beeswax Element Tapers - Fire

To call upon the elements of our planet is as ancient as our history as humans- we innately understand the power of those concepts; we feel the Earth literally move during a quake, we can gauge the passage of time by the regular movement of Water’s tides, we are reminded of the invisible strength of Air in the wreckage of a tornado, or the gentle breeze pushing a ship’s sail, and of course, where would humans be without the warmth and light given to us by Fire? Connect to the Elements with Purely Wicked’s newest offering of ritual beeswax tapers!


Fire ~ associated with the South. Leo/Sagittarius/Aries. Fire element rules: energy, strength, passion, sexuality, physical work, heat, courage, healing, light. Colours of orange, red, gold. Tools: athame, candle, burning herbs & resins.
The Fire taper is dressed in allspice, cinnamon, calendula, and basil.

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