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Blackened Crow Feather Opal Necklace

One electroformed copper Blackened Crow Feather with Australian Opal complete on a 20" soldered gunmetal chain. Gunmetal patina feather. - Crows are said to symbolize transformation and change. They are watchful creatures that are said to have a powerful foresight. They are said to be "The Bird of Ancient Wisdom and Second Sight". Have you ever met a crow who insists on getting your attention? Large, black, and with a unique gift for communication, these birds don’t attempt to interact with just anyone. Crow symbolism across cultural myths, as well as what we know from modern studies, shows that crows are intelligent, insightful creatures that have much to teach us. - Feathers measure approximately 2.0" x 1.0". Shape, size, color and pattern may vary as no two stones are alike. Made in United States of America

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