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Tea Infuser - Malachite Crystal

Enhance your tea-drinking experience with these stainless steel reusable tea ball infusers featuring a man-made Malachite crystal charm. Handcrafted and packaged in Denver, Colorado, these infusers have a 2-inch diameter mesh tea ball and a 1.5-inch Malachite crystal charm that hangs over the edge of your cup. The charm also includes a metal hook for securing it to the rim of a taller tea mug. The infusers come packaged in a crystal clear box measuring 2 x 2 x 2 inches and have a branded logo sticker on the front. Not only do these infusers add a touch of elegance to your tea routine, but Malachite is also believed to be a stone of transformation, helping to bring about change and facilitate personal growth. It is said to be a powerful protector, shielding against negativity and helping to release negative patterns and behaviors. Please note that this specific item is man-made and not a real crystal.

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