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Celtic Magic Book & Card Deck: A 50-Card Deck

Tap into the wonders Celtic magic in this magnificent book and card kit, complete with a 50-card bespoke oracle deck and accompanying full-color guide, presented in a sleek lidded box.

Written by Marie Bruce of Celtic Scottish heritage, this book excavates the strands of history, myth and magic drawn from the heart of Celtic culture and weaves them together into a practical guide to modern spellcraft. Inside you will find a fascinating history of Celtic magic, as well as spells and Celtic castings to try at home using the oracle cards provided.

• How to cleanse and prepare your Celtic Magic cards
• The meanings behind each card
• Different divination spreads and when to use them

Each card is based on famous Celtic symbols and figures, including the Druid, the Morrigan, stranding stones and the Ban Sith, so in learning how to use them you can deepen your insight into Celtic mythology and culture.

Together, this book and oracle card deck offer a remarkable opportunity to infuse your life with the time-honored magic of the Celtic tradition, allowing its profound insights to bestow upon you wisdom and clarity.

Includes a 128-Page Guide Book

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