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11" x 14" Chicken Hut Slavic Art Print

In Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga is a boney, iron-toothed witch, with an appetite for human flesh. She flies around in a mortar, prodding it on with a pestle, and sweeping her tracks away with a broom. Baba Yaga dwells in a forest and lives in a hut, which stands on chicken legs. She may hurt or hinder the hero of the story depending on which tale is told. The artwork was originally made by Russian-born artist Faina Lorah. It is reproduced on museum-quality semi-gloss paper using the giclée method, which means exquisite detail and an archival print that will last and last.

- Signed on the front - Limited edition print

- Stored in an archival sleeve  - Ready to frame!

Print only, frame not included

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