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Copper Antique Coffin Nail Necklace

This listing is for 1 (one) coffin nail necklace, we will handpick the perfect one for you. They are all similar, please allow for variance in length and color as no two coffin nails are the same.

Coffin nails have been used for centuries when it comes to curses and protections. Iron is known for warding off evil entities and energies. It is said if you want to stop fighting with someone you need to get along with, carry or wear a Coffin Nail.

These are genuine iron square nails, acquired from a historical home in New Orleans.

Coffin nail pendants are approximately 3.0" x 0.25" and comes on a 24" antique copper ball chain.

The scientific and intricate process used to add layers of lovely copper is called electroforming. This process can be unpredictable and can take hours to days to complete just one wearable. There may be small perfect imperfections in the copper and it may darken over time. Each piece has been cleansed and sealed with you in mind.

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