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Crystal Oracle Deck

Tap into the power of Crystals and enhance your life with this glowing deck of Crystal oracle cardsUse this deck to learn more about the powerful healing and nurturing properties of 78 different crystals, and incorporate their energies into your wellness practice.

Shuffle the deck and pull a card at random to receive uplifting guidance, or select the right card for you in a specific situation. Use the booklet to learn more about the holistic properties of each Crystal, and receive their intuitive messages.

Get creative and 
incorporate your oracle cards into your daily wellbeing practice by keeping a card with you throughout the day, placing it under your pillow or in your workspace, or incorporating it into a magic spell or tarot reading!

  • Place the Rose Quartz card in your bathroom to promote self-love during a pamper session
  • Tuck the Amethyst card under your pillow for good sleep and dreams
  • Keep the Citrine card in your workspace to encourage concentration and creativity
  • Shuffle your cards as part of a self-care or tarot card reading for uplifting guidance
  • Repeat the affirmations on your oracle cards to yourself throughout the day to channel the spirit of each Crystal

This deck includes:

  • A beautiful box with ribbon to store your oracle cards
  • 78 high-quality Crystal cards, illustrated by Viki Lester (@forensicsandflowers), with an affirmation to use with each Crystal
  • A booklet written by Crystal expert Kathy Banegas (@thehealinggem) shining light on the wellbeing powers of each Crystal, and how to use your deck
Working with the power of Crystals is all about intention, and Crystals can change your life. Shuffle, select, and find the perfect Crystal for your wellbeing needs.

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