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Dark School

Your grandfather is dead. You travel overseas to attend his funeral and discover the you are the heir apparent to this estate and property: a mansion with vast forest littered with ruins and grottos.

 Inside his diary you discover his involvement with occult experiments and realize the domain he left you is not an inheritance at all - it's a proving ground. 

 Leave behind the world you were born into and carry on his noble work. Become a worthy heir not only to his vast fortune, but to The Great Work, and restore eminence to your family home.

 A great destiny awaits you; or perhaps, and untimely destruction. Follow your fate and find your path.

 Once you enter you can never go back


 ** Purely Wicked was so happy to have Matti Silver as a vendor at this years (2023) Hexes and Jinxes Market. With the support of the community he almost completely sold out! We are proud to now carry his works in the shop.

Look for his other titles 

Dark School : Mark of the Adept

Dark School : Path of the Neophyte

(Choose your own adventure style book!)



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