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Dried Herb Grinder - Pentacle

 Introducing our 2.5-inch skillfully crafted wooden herb grinder with an engraved pentacle design. Seamlessly blending functionality and elegance, it ensures smooth herb grinding for cooking, teas, smoking, or spell work. The pentacle brings an aura of protection as you prepare your favorite herbs. SYMBOL: The pentacle, a potent symbol of protection, holds deep significance across various religions and belief systems. Rooted in the power of the number 5, it encompasses the human body, the five senses, and combines the four earthly elements with the spirit. Moreover, the pentacle embodies five essential virtues: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Kindness, and Justice. Interwoven, these virtues form a resilient shield of protection. Like a sacred tapestry, the pentacle safeguards against negative energies. Embrace the power of the pentacle and find solace in its unwavering guardianship

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