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Element Votives

*Burn your votive in a proper votive candle holder to optimize the burn time and safety*
*all votives are made unscented so you can anoint with your own essential oils*
Air - Plants rules by Mercury, Jupiter & Uranus are attributed to the Air element. Plants that grow or travel in the air, as well as plants that carry a clean fresh fragrance. Air is the element of swiftness & expansion. Many but bearing trees are assigned to Air. Dressed in lavender, rosemary, peppermint and a piece of blue kyanite. 

Earth - Earth is the element of our bodies, so most plants we can eat are attributed to it. Earth is the sturdiest of elements, so anything that grows near or under the ground like roots and stems can be connected to the earth element. Dressed with patchouli, salt, wormwood, and a smooth chunk of turquoise. 

Fire - Two astrological powerhouses are ruled by fire. Mars and the sun. Plants that are red, golden, and orange or that resemble the look of flames are attributed to fire. Sun loving plants as well as tropical. Plants that sting or irritate the skin are also grouped into the fire element. Dressed in cinnamon, calendula, cloves and a piece of garnet.

Water - The moon pulls on the tides and a collection of water plants. Lunar herbs, those used for fertility and divination work are attributed to the water element. Water is the element of seduction, so sweet smelling and fruit bearing plants are connected to it. Dressed in rose, jasmine, lemon balm, and a smooth piece of aquamarine. 


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