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Grape Agate Sphere

Because of its purple color and the shape in which it occurs, Grape Agates are known to vibrate at a higher frequency. This means that this stone is particularly helpful for people who engage in higher, metaphysical endeavors like mediums, scribes, and therapists. Grape Agates are said to connect people with a higher, divine voice—perhaps that of their guardian angel, their spirit guide or other powerful beings not from this world.

Grape Agate is the stone of internal and external expansion. On one hand, It helps strengthen one’s connection with their higher self. Grape Agates are said to imbue their owners with the gift of intuition, knowledge, and self-discovery—helpful tools for introspection and meditation.

On the other hand, Grape Agate also expands one’s consciousness towards the truth and wisdom of the universe. It transforms the self into its higher form so it can constantly be aware and live in the present.

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