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HP Knitting Kit Weasley Tea and Egg Cosy

Show your love for the Wizarding World with this Tea Cosy and Egg Cosy Knitting Kit from our all-new Harry Potter Wizarding World Knitting Kit collection!

The Burrow house is never quiet especially when it is time for the afternoon tea! Mrs. Weasley prepared these teapot and egg cosies with love and care. The egg cosies are the mini-versions of the sweaters, which Harry, Ron, Fred, and George received one Christmas morning. 

Product Features:

  • One tea cozy, four egg cozies
  • Yarn: 2 x Burgundy (25g), 2 x Gold (25g)
  • Pair of 3.5 mm knitting needles

This Tea Cosy and Egg Cosy Knitting Kit comes with an illustrated step-by-step pattern instruction guide and beautifully packaged which makes it a great gift to any Harry Potter fan. 

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