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Key Bottle Openers

Antique keys are not only beautiful, but also very useful magickally! They can not only be incorporated into many spells, but may also be used in rituals and meditation, to unlock barriers or a peaceful mind. They can also be used to create a simple home protection charm.

You will need:

  • A key, preferably an older one, although you can use a modern one. 

  • Red thread, an auspicious colour of vitality and protection.

  • A hag stone, a stone with a natural hole through it. The best place to find them is on a pebbley beach, where water has worn them through.

Gather all components together, while focusing your energy on the protection of your home and all of its occupants. Take the red thread and tie one end around the loop of the key. You may wish to make some pretty macrame knot work, or just a simple tie. Take the other end and thread it through the hole of the hag stone and tie it off. As you work, focus on the intent of the spell, pushing it into each knot. You may also wish to chant, either aloud or in your head.

Little key, thread of red
Eye of hag and words said
Protect this home and all within
Divine Mother, bless all my kin


This antique looking metal key that is also a bottle opener! Perfect to hang on your key chain, so that you are always prepared. They will open any regular sized beer or soda bottle. This is perfect last minute add on item. Sizes vary slightly, but average size is 3" x 1".

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