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Labradorite Carved Wing Necklace

One copper electroformed Carved Labradorite Wing complete on a 24" soldered copper chain. Do you see these wings and think guardian Angel or do you see a wing from one of Hermes’ sandals? I see a winged sandal capable of flight. His sandals were said to be made by the god Hephaestus of imperishable gold and they flew the god as swift as any bird. Labradorite is known for its play of beautiful and lustrous colors like those of the Northern Lights. Named after a region in Labrador, Canada, where it was discovered in 1770. Labradorite is said to banish fears, insecurities and also the psychic debris from previous disappointments, including those experienced in past lives. Wings measure approximately 2.75” x 0.75”. These are "heftier" necklaces. We left the back open to expose the stone. Size, shape, and color may vary as no two stones or carvings are alike.

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