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Sea Witch Botanicals Incense - Limited Edition Litha

Litha All-Natural Essential Oil Incense captures the nostalgic heat of midsummer magic with a selection of fine fire woods and sensual spices. Alive with the warmth of the sun and the flickering of flame, this celebratory solstice blend recalls the joy of dancing 'round bonfires, the magic of hot summer nights, and the cool thrill of skinny dipping in the dark.


  • Warm and woody aroma profile with zero synthetic fragrances
  • Approximately 20 incense sticks (30 grams) packaged in a recyclable pillow pox.


  • Element - Fire
  • Zodiac - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Tarot Card - The Sun
  • Rune - Sowilo ᛇ

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