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Lunah Life Jade Comb Gua Sha

Use the long sides of this tool to lift the cheek area, lift the forehead section, and get under your chin to move fluid out and sculpt. The hooked edge is amazing along your jawline to work out buildups, along the brow line where we hold so much tension, run it under the cheek bone to release stress and sculpt your beautiful cheeks! That same edge also hooks in beautiful between your eyes. If you hold and pull up here, take a deep breath, and continue to run that line up through your hair line. You have just activated a huge stress release point in acupressure.

You can use the teeth are to gently work out forehead lines, pull up on crows feet and open up the eye area, and run along and out (pulling up) on laugh lines and fine lines around the lip.

Use the comb edge, starting at your right ear, and transitioning around your hairline, ending at your left ear. Run long lines from hairline through to back of scalp. I like to use about 12 strokes to get across my head. Long, and slow, starting each with a deep, purposeful breath.

If you suffer from TMJ, this Gua Sha is for you. Hook it directly onto your jawline, as well, gently press on circular motions where your jaw connects along your cheeks.

This is a sturdy stone that can be used along the shoulder area, neck and decollete.

Use 4-7 times a week for results. After a cleansed face. Always use with serum or moisturizer to help tool glide. Gua Sha will help your product penetrate deeper then without, as well.

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