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Madonna Luxury Wooden Wick Soy Wax Candle

Madonna’s determination to construct her image on her own terms has made her a global advocate for self-expression. Her risk-taking, attention-grabbing use of sexual imagery and religious iconography may have angered some, but it continues to empower whole generations – including the legions of female artists that followed in her wake – to take pleasure in dressing up and speaking up.


Madonna fought like hell to build the career she has, scraping her way to the upper echelons from her days as a starving waitress in a closet of a New York apartment. She's earned her cultural ubiquity and deserves to be respected as the legend she is.
So we celebrate Madonna in our new candle in her honour 
Pink passion fruit & exotic pitanga find harmony with fresh slices of delicious orange for a tropical tingle like no other. Zesty pomelo, fresh mango blossom & juicy pineapple blend beautifully to create a refreshing scent reminiscent of summertime dancing to Material Girl !

Top: Passion Fruit, Pitanga, Bitter Orange
Heart: Pink Pineapple, Zesty Pomelo, Mango Blossom
Base: Tahitian Vanilla, Sugar Musk, Creamy Sandalwood

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