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Magical Witchy Owl and Moon Glossy Vinyl Sticker

Unveil the enchantment of cottagecore aesthetic with a touch of whimsy with this Magical Owl Sticker. This delightful burrowing owl design captures the essence of forest magic, a must-have for witchcraft, metaphysical, and nature enthusiasts. Printed on glossy, slightly iridescent, waterproof vinyl using eco-friendly inks, this sticker adds a dash of charm to any clean surface. Conjuring imagery of cottage and forest witches, it beckons those who cherish the mystical embrace of nature's creatures. Elevate your space with this endearing sticker, a tribute to all who seek solace in the arms of the wild. - Approx 3 inches long -Made with glossy, waterproof vinyl sticker paper. Perfect for journaling and sticking on objects for indoor use - Easy to remove backing

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