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Meowthman - Mothman with Cats - Cryptids Horror Cats Print 5"x7"

"Meowthman" Being a harbinger of doom and destruction always seems to get you a bad rap, but Mothman is just misunderstood. He really just wants to hang out with his favorite furry friends.  A continuation of the Horror Cats series, these cryptids with cats pieces imagine some of America's favorite elusive legends as feline enthusiasts. Life can get lonely out there when everyone thinks you're imaginary, but the cats don't mind.  The Horror Cats series was started in 2014 when I created the first two pieces, “Screams and Purrs” and “Dreams and Fur” for the Wes Craven tribute show at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank. Since then it has expanded to include many favorite horror (and horror adjacent!) icons. *******************************************

Printed in Burbank, CA on Sundance watercolor texture paper. Comes packaged in a plastic sleeve with logo sticker on the back.

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