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Mindfulness Mini Box Set

Embark on a journey of peace and tranquility with this collection of three miniature books. This giftable mini box set includes: Instant Meditations, a practical and accessible guide to the most effective meditation techniques from ancient and modern traditions. Simple Wisdom, a collection of thought-provoking quotes from artists, writers, philosophers, and pop-culture icons from around the world and across the ages that will challenge you to reflect on your own path to wisdom. Secrets of Serenity, a compilation of the inspiring thoughts of writers, philosophers, scholars, theologians, and leaders who have sought — and found– the secrets of serenity, offering you a guide for finding peace in your own heart, mind, and soul. This guide book and two compilations of quotes on which to meditation and ruminate offers readers a simple way to pause, be in the moment, and find calm.

Each book measures 2.75"wide by 3.25" tall.

416 pages, hardcover

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