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Mini Teapot Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Can be filled with tea, coffee beans, soup seasoning. Perfect for kitchen, living room, office, tea house etc.
Designed with teapot shape, a wonderful gift for tea lovers. Functional yet charming tea infuser comes with a drip plate.
Made of food grade stainless steel. non-toxic ,rust resistant and dish washer safe. The stainless steel material for long durable and reused for many years.
The tea strainer is covered with fine holes for maximum water flow while only allowing very fine or powdered teas to escape, you don't have to worry about the leaves into your mouth.
Just open the tea infuser, load tea leaves in the infuser, throw the infuser into the water of cup, the tea fragrance will diffuse. Then hang the hook linked with the chain onto the cup edge. So easy, clean and practical.

Material: stainless steel.
Size: 5*3.5cm.

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