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Natural Agate Bookend Pair

This listing is for BOTH HALVES of the bookend. You get one complete PAIR at this amazing price! Natural Bookend Pair from 1 to 3 pounds. Geode Bookends will vary in height and overall appearance since each of them have a unique formation. These are beautiful handmade agate bookends! Each bookend is cut, and polished by hand in Brazil from rough agate geodes. Geodes are ancient rocks formed from gas bubbles on past volcanic eruptions or by the dissolution of sedimentary concretions like quicksand over million of years and are known to carry great power within them. Each agate geode is hand selected for it's natural beauty from rough material, hand cut in halves, polished and dyed.


We recommend you coming in and picking your set out in person as they are each so unique.


Measuring 3.5" to 4" tall 

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