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November Wicked Witch Box

Cleansing & Healing is a vital part for November, as we are entering into the busy holiday season. As we start to focus and prepare for the gatherings, shopping, and festivities, we need to remember to stay grounded and to not forget about self care. This monthly box is designed to help you center yourself, cleanse and heal.

We've prepared a beautiful pillar prayer candle dressed with bay, juniper, sage, and a piece of stunning amethyst. The soothing and cleansing aroma of sage fills this candle bringing a calmness that will aid you with relaxing the mind, body and spirit.

Also included is a beautiful designed palo santo holder and palo santo. A handcrafted cleansing bundle, sacred smoke spray, cleansing prayer, a raw chunk of tourmaline and a smooth piece of labradorite. 

Taking care of yourself and the space around you energetically is key to enjoying yourself this season 

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