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Planting Pops

Love Flowers: Chamomile + Basil weave a powerful spell to summon good fortune and everlasting love. Contains: Open Pollinated Seeds (Chamomile + Basil), Clay, Worm Castings.

Friendship Flowers: Celebrate life's rarest gift of unbreakable friendship with this harmonious combination of Daisies + Forget Me Nots. Contains: Open Pollinated Seeds (Daisies + Forget Me Nots), Clay, Worm Castings.

Fortune Flowers: Fortune, success and renewed beauty are bestowed on the bearer of this lucky blend of Poppies + Snapdragons. Contains: Open Pollinated Seeds (Poppies + Snapdragon), Clay, Worm Castings.

Instructions: Open, Plant in soil, Water, Pop stick is a perfect plant marker.


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