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Purple Banded Agate (Large) - Smooth

Gemological Properties: With a chemical formula of (SiO2), Silicon Dioxide composition. Agate is a bandedmicrocrystalline form of the mineral Quartz, and does not occur in visible crystals. It occurs in nodules, in massive form, as botryoidal, mammillary, and stalactitic formations, as smooth rounded pebbles, as amygdules, and as the linings of geodes. Agate with inclusions in feather-like patterns. Meta-Physical Properties: A purple sage agate is a silicon dioxide and is appears only in Eastern Oregon. It is a stone of inner direction, purification, protection and restoration. It is essential for people who can be over stimulated by stones of more intense vibration. Increases gentleness and kindness. Releases verdicts. Aids in gentle spiritual awakening and overcoming spiritual uncertainties. Corresponding Astrological Signs: Gemini

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