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Lapis Lazuli - Raw

- A powerful stone with a great deal of metaphysical uses: it can aid channelling, meditation, and past life recall. In particular it is useful for working with self reflection, awareness, and personal growth. Lapis has relations to psychic abilities, higher insight, and uncovering truth.

- As an extension to this, Lapis is used in matters of clarity, perspective, and wisdom. It’s used to clear perspective, open the mind for creative use, and enhance your intellectual ability.

- It has ties to ancient Egypt. Egyptians would sometimes bury Lapis with their dead for protection. Supposedly they thought that by meditating on the colour of lapis they could touch the robes of a God. They also considered Lapis as a symbol of truth.

- It’s related to the third eye and throat chakras. Its properties of enhancing intuition and offering spiritual guidance link it to the third eye, while its association to truth and clarity links it to the throat chakra.

- Some believed that dreaming of Lapis would foretell a faithful love.

- It can help clarify and identify factors that are damaging to one’s health and healing.

- It’s also used for: courage, joy, love, fidelity, psychic development, protection, healing, beauty, prosperity and inner strength.

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