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Ritual & Manifestation Votives

*Burn your votive in a proper votive candle holder to optimize the burn time and safety*

*all votives are made unscented so you can anoint with your own essential oils*

Heal - Dressed in lemon balm, chamomile & eucalyptus to aid in your healing journey. Clear Quartz draws off all negative energy. It balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

Blessings - Dressed in sage, lavender, rose & frankincense to attract good energy of love, wealth & protection into your home. Carnelian gives courage and promotes positive life choices, while giving us acceptance and safety.

Wealth - Dressed in clove, thyme & frankincense to aid in manifesting good fortune & removing blocks that prevent money from coming in. Citrine can enhance confidence and willpower, aiding in your financial goals.

Protection - Dressed in juniper berries, frankincense & hyssop to keep you safe from negative attacks. Black Tourmaline will ground you, providing a connection between Earth & the human spirit.

Full Moon - Channel the power of the full moon to focus your intent and guide your manifestations. Dressed in jasmine, star anise, orange peel and a smooth piece of howlite.

New Moon - Dressed in calendula, lavender, sage. and a smooth piece of smoky quartz to aid in helping you focus on what you wish to grow and manifest in your life. Now is the time to plant your seeds of hope.

Retrograde - There are a lot of herbs that can help with retrogrades. I used three of my favourite and in my opinion the “most powerful” retrograde herbs.

For starters, I used lemon balm harvested from my garden last summer. This herb is great for calming the nerves. It’s beautiful refreshing fragrance uplifts your spirit and soothes your soul.

Secondly I added lavender, also harvested from my garden last year. When communication goes a little wonky, we tend to be left trying to express ourselves without everything being taken the wrong way. Lavender is a great herb for stimulating the throat chakra and helping us communicate and express ourselves.

And lastly, the wonderful grounding and protecting sage! Sage helps us feel less scattered, and helps us stay connected to the present. It helps us anchor our mind, body and spirit and keeps us grounded and focused.

I also added two pieces of my retrograde favourite stone, clear quartz. It is great to use during retrogrades because it is a great healer in that it is capable of revitalizing your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual planes.

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