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Kunzite Heart Palm Stone


Emotional Healing Properties

Kunzite vibrates with an incredibly peaceful and loving energy. It dissolves negative feelings and removes any resistance we might feel towards activities that are for our own emotional healing and growth. Kunzite invites us to love ourselves better and to actively show this self-love in our actions and words. Kunzite teaches us that love is not just a feeling or an emotion, but rather a way of life and an ongoing practice. Kunzite attracts our soul mates and other key partnerships, and is a soothing friend when we need to heal heartache from past relationships. Kunzite motivates us to be more tolerant of others, while also having healthy boundaries. It encourages us to continually strive to be a better friend, family member, and all-around better human being. It vibrates with the essence of pure love and is a joyful cheerleader as we become our Highest Self in our everyday life and interactions.

Mental Healing Properties

Kunzite helps us to stay calm and collected, regardless of our circumstances. It unites our intellect with out intuition, and our sense of logic with our heart’s “inner knowing.” Together, this allows us to see very clearly and honestly, while gazing at the world with love. This love-filled vision is not the optimistic rose-tinted glasses that allows us to ignore uncomfortable truths. But rather an exceptionally compassionate point of view, which helps us to see the humanity and potential for goodness. Such a sight, always reminds us that we ourselves can bring love and light into the situation. Kunzite teaches us that constructive criticism is a helpful gift meant to help us grow and improve, rather than a rejection of who we currently are It helps us to remove mental blocks and obstacles that seemingly prevent us from moving forward towards our goals and along our path. Kunzite helps us to focus on solutions, rather than dwelling on problems. It asks us to always think, “what would Love do?”

Physical Healing Properties

Kunzite is recommended for anyone who suffers from panic attacks, and all the physical reactions that accompany them. Kunzite’s warm and loving energy feels like a hug and can help us to calm down our stress response, both emotionally and physically. During the attack and directly after, Kunzite simply sooths and supports. But once we have settled down, it gives us both the self-compassion and strength we need to actively reduce the stress and the stress triggers in our life, so that the attacks do not continue. Kunzite is a wonderful talisman for the heart and the parasympathetic nervous system.


Approx. 2.5”

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