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Tarot Card Stand - 2 Varieties

  • DISPLAY TAROT CARDS - As practical and it is functional, this tarot card holder can be placed anywhere in your space and is ready to display your cards for readings and sharing with others. Display daily affirmation cards or use during readings for others. Keep your cards in place and secure.
  • HANDY DURING TAROT CARD READINGS - Feel even more ready to draw for the day when your cards are out and easy to read in your new tarot card holder. Excellent for daily 3 card spreads, ready to take in the oracle special message. See your cards secure and ready to be read.
  • HOLDS UP TO 3 CARDS - The slots are designed to provide a stable and safe place for you to display and keep up to 3 cards. Have peace of mind knowing your cards are secure, while getting to enjoy seeing them displayed and ready to be viewed and read.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR THE TAROT ENTHUSIAST - Give as a gift to your favorite tarot card reader and they will have a perfect reminder of you and your friendship. Connect with fellow card readers by sharing in the gift of this tarot card holder.

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