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The Witch of the Forest's Tarot Magick Deck

The Witch of the Forest proudly presents the Tarot Magick Deck!
Stunningly illustrated by Viki Lester of Forensics and Flowers, and based on The Witch of the Forest’s years of experience as a tarot practitioner, this gorgeous deck of 78 tarot cards is a staple for beginner and experienced tarot readers, as well as tarot collectors.
This deck includes:
  • 78 tarot cards
  • A booklet that includes a brief description of the meaning of each card, and some sample tarot spreads

A sparkling, vibrant tarot deck with beautiful gold finishes and stylish design based off of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith system, this expertly made and easy to decode tarot deck is perfect first deck for modern witches.

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