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Triple Protection Bracelet

Onyx, Tigers Eye and Hematite


Tiger’s Eye gives us the strength and courage necessary to survive hard times. It can help us to trust in the Divine, that all is working out according to plan. It can also help us trust ourselves – and to know we have the ability to solve our problems and make a success of ourselves! Gold Tiger’s Eye reminds us that, “God helps those, who help themselves.” This shimmering stone also whispers to us that how we live in our everyday lives is our true religion and the way we conduct the most mundane activities is an expression of our soul’s health and strength. Gold Tiger’s Eye gently but firmly dares us to live empowered and to be fully alive to the beauty of the present moment.

Onyx teaches us the importance of self-mastery, or the ability to harness our own strength and focus, in the pursuit of our most important goals. It is a wonderfully grounding, centering, and balancing stone for anyone with great spiritual aspirations, as self-mastery is one of the most important aspects of self-realization. Attaining Enlightenment, or any other high spiritual state, takes enormous dedication and a willingness to look deeply at ourselves and our world. Onyx provides that strength, and also the steadiness of vision to see the truth and align ourselves accordingly. Onyx also provides a deep root connection, allowing us to draw energy from the wider world and universe to augment our own energy pools.


Hematite has a strong, soothing energy, which can be very encouraging when we feel anxious or depressed. It helps us to see the silver lining around grey clouds and to find the strength to try again. Hematite has a very practical approach to negative or overwhelming emotions.  Before we try to understand or work through our emotions on a purely mental/emotional level, we are reminded to first check if our basic needs are being met.  Essentially, Hematite encourages us to parent our “inner toddler.”  Have we eaten and are we hydrated?  If it’s been a while, are we just “hangry” – moody because our body needs fuel? Are we sleeping and exercising enough?  Do we feel like falling down in a tantrum because we actually just need a nap?  Have we been hugged lately or had other positive social interactions?  All of these basic needs play a HUGE role in our emotional well-being and attending to them has an immediate positive result.  Hematite invites us to make self-care a priority. It reassures us that negative emotions are a part of life that everyone experiences from time to time, but if we act sensibly much of our distress will soon pass.

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