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Morticia Addams Luxury Wooden Wick Soy Candle

Although every day is women’s day, March is recognized as the International Month of Women, and in celebration of all thing divine and feminine, we are launching an exclusive line of wood-wick luxury candles, featuring some of our favourite strong women in real life and fiction! These marvellous mavens of March include Marie Laveau, Morticia Addams, Nancy Downs, Endora, Anne Boleyn, and Hermione Granger! 

Tish, Tish, Tish. The ultimate queen of love and family, Morticia is elegant, demur, with a sultry low voice, fierce family loyalty, and a witty, albeit slightly deadly, disposition. She is an equal in all things to Gomez, and their passion towards each other never wanes, even after three children! She is the dark side of domesticity, a gothic Martha Stewart trimming those pesky red blooms of her prickly rose bush, and waxing poetic about her garden full of deadly nightshade, henbane, and dwarf’s hair. As a mother, she commands respect, love, and loyalty from her children, which is given freely, by allowing them to learn through play, whether that is building a guillotine or harnessing lightning to power an electric chair! Morticia is the lifeblood and heart of the Addams family, and reminds us to always keep our passion, for as she said, “Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages”.

Pink pepper and decadent plum mingle with deep sexy black rose for a sultry floral experience. The epitome of Morticia Addams in a candles. We pretty much bottled her essence here.  


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