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Wellness Witchery

Hundreds of Herbal Formulas and Recipes for Health, Wealth, and Love

Learn how to eat, meditate, and spellcast your way to a higher quality of life with this book on integrating a magickal mindset into daily life. Laurel Woodward shares more than one hundred herbal formulas, over eighty essential oil blends, more than thirty exercises, and nearly thirty kitchen witchery recipes. Not only will you meet plant allies and nurture a relationship with them, but you'll also find mood-lifting activities and delicious foods for healing body, mind, and spirit.

Wellness Witchery shows you the potent power of plants through numerous magickal, herbal, and self-care applications. Laurel provides formulas for boosting immunity, empowering relationships, relieving stress, improving self-esteem, and more. She also offers a variety of magical baths, recipes for treats and beverages, and essential oils for confidence, protection, and inner peace. With them, you can become happier, healthier, and more magickal.

 This listing is for Wellness Witchery Only

This book is part of a series by Laurel Woodward. We also carry her other editions "Backyard Garden Witchery" and "Kitchen Witchery" on occasion. So look out online and instore for all her works!

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