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Wicca Crystal Magic; a Wiccans Guide ( Green Cover )

Since ancient times and in any culture we have always been attracted by the incredible beauty and beneficial properties of crystals.
Throughout the world, we can see their presence in temples, in religious buildings and on the crowns of great kings.

Even today many people have crystals and use them as jewels and to decorate homes, but unfortunately, their function only plays an aesthetic aspect, few grasp and know how to master their beneficial properties and their magic.

Crystals are a fundamental component in the Wiccan religion and by unleashing their power through their great vibrational capacity, we can take advantage of it in many aspects of our life: such as healthlovewealth and happiness and more.

For this reason, this book is not only a theoretical explanation but it also contains a collection of spells and rituals with a step-by-step methodology, which will allow you to start exploiting the hidden forces and the magic of crystals.

As your skills grow, Lisa Moon will explain to you how to experiment and create spells that suit you best, with the aim of improving more and deepening your intuition and psychic awareness.

In Wicca Crystal Magic, you can also find tips on which crystals to choose based on their properties and colors, how to preserve them perfectly, how to recharge them and how to use them in your spells to immerse yourself more deeply into the cycle of life, the magic of God and Goddess and the Wheel of the Year.

Complete glossaries on the beneficial and magical properties of crystals will be a reference resource when you are ready to create your crystal spells.


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