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Witches Through History - Grimoire and Oracle Deck

This beautifully designed, boxed oracle set and 160-page history is ideal for anyone seeking guidance and inspiration from some of history’s most powerful witches and their craft.

Written and illustrated by a practicing witch, this dramatic oracle set features a beautifully illustrated book and card deck inspired by the magical and mysterious tales of the witches, familiars, deities, and items within the pages of this striking guide.

Witches through History includes archetypes, profiles, and true accounts of women who were thought to have spoken with spirits or made bargains with the Devil—and how they used their midnight powers to help or harm members of their community—the instruments and methods of the craft, the use of familiar spirits, and various methods of witch-finding and hunting. Popular tropes and folklore dealing with witches offer readers a deeper understanding of this mysterious, magical, and sometimes tragic part of history.

The twenty-five oracle cards feature iconic characters, deities, and items from the history of witchcraft, complemented by the five elements of the pentagram (water, earth, fire, air, and spirit). Illustrated with a modern gothic sensibility inspired by historical art and text, the set offers witches and those who admire them a vital daily tool for spiritual, magical, or meditative practice—or simply to use for fun.

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