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Witchs Guide to Ritual

(Beginner Witchcraft Book, Herbal Witchcraft Book, Moon Spells, Green Witch, Kitchen Witch)

Cerridwen Greenleaf

foreword by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Spiritual Ceremonies to Enrich Daily LifePractice Sacred Living. Rituals are often performed to acknowledge special, sacred moments of life. When we align ourselves with the rhythms of the earth, we see that every day is sacred. Sacred living is the art of acknowledging the abundance of life and the deep meaning within natural rhythms. The Witch's Guide to Ritual teaches the practice of daily rituals for self-care and personal growth.
The Art of Healing. The Witch's Guide to Ritual can help you create a healing ritual space, whether you are an experienced hedge witch or a beginner exploring new magical practices. You'll learn about the history of rites and rituals, mythology for today's world, and how healing works in a modern witch house.
Celebrate life. The key to celebrating the abundance of life lies in the recognition that we are surrounded by all that is magical. Organized by season, The Witch's Guide to Ritual offers a suggested ceremony for each day of the year and includes hundreds of simple rites, suggestions, meditations, and holiday celebrations that can make the ordinary extraordinary.
What you'll learn inside this book:
* The psychological benefits of rituals in your life
* Why participating in group events enriches your life and brings you closer to friends, family, and loved ones
* How to create an altar or shrine as a power center in your home for spiritual renewal
* Which crystals, herbs, symbols, and talismans can bring you calm, health, love, prosperity, and happiness

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