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Your First Spell Jar

If you’re ready to dip a toe into witchcraft, then keep reading…

You may know Allegra Grant as a crystal girl from her previous books, but her practice has expanded to include witchcraft. Join her as she explains how she learned the craft and how YOU can get started yourself!

“Your First Spell Jar…” is more than just a list of spells. It offers you a path to understanding the power of witchcraft. And it gives you all the tools you need to start casting spells - TODAY!

Spells like…

  • A Blessing for Healing and a Speedy Recovery
  • Attracting Love
  • Attracting Friendship
  • Healing a Heartbreak
  • Financial Success
  • A Spell for Physical Protection
  • A Courage Spell
  • A Spell to Rid Yourself of Anxiety

… and much more.

Jar Spells are the perfect way for a new witch to start. You start with any old jar you have around the house. Add essential oils, some flowers, a crystal, and any number of things to your jar. Seal it with an incantation and an intention, and you’ll be shocked to see what you can bring forth.

You have a universe of power at your command, and you don’t even know it!

If you’re worried about what ingredients you need to start, don’t fret! This book offers you a ton of suggestions and even a glossary of what you might use in your spells.

But remember: the most essential ingredient in any spell jar is your own intuition. This book gives you exercises to sharper yours! And tons of examples of how you can use your instincts to create a powerful spell unique to you.

Find everything you need to get started in “Your First Spell Jar…”!

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