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Yule Wicked Witch Box

The arrival of Yule evokes overflowing amounts of warmth, good will, and cheer in many people, and provides us with the opportunity to gather together and count our blessings, share memories and wonderful foods. Our Yule Witches Box is filled with items to make your holiday merry- Dorothy Morrison’s ‘Yule’ book, a brass 3 monkeys bell, and Sea Witch Botanicals’ most popular seasonal scent Krampus incense! Also, our Purely Wicked holiday favourites ‘The Great Yule Candle’- dressed with seasonal offerings and smelling like a walk through a Christmas tree lot, one of Smoke n’ Ashes’ Yule ball ornaments, PW’s Krampus Room & Linen spray, a bag of our ‘Witches Remedy’ cold & flu tea…. If that isn’t enough, Occult Inks has made us an *exclusive to the box* Krampus art print!
Blessed Yule, my witches and wizards! (And be good, cause Krampus is watching!)

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