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Cartomancy Tarot Candles

Cartomancy is the act of divining using cards. Divining means to find out by inspiration, intuition or magic; to foresee.

Divination using cards dates back 600 years ago and has been growing in popularity ever since.

Our new limited addition candles have a secret hidden within each candle. A Tarot card charm is carefully chosen for each candle and tucked away within the creamy soy wax. A matte black glass container hosts your fortune telling charm and its decorative wooden lid is hand burned with our Purely Wicked logo for a gorgeous keep sake after you’ve burned your candles. The Candle is also as a bonus adorned with a raw clear quartz gemstone to cleanse, clear and magnify your divination powers.

Each candle is fragranced in sweet and slightly smoky, campfire smoke, hints of leather, and vanilla amber mingle to create this sultry combination.

Burn your gorgeous candle so it reveals its treasure, the tarot charm chosen for you.

Research the meaning and behind the card you’ve picked at This website is full of easy to find card meanings.

What card will reveal itself to you in your candle?

Pick yours today or maybe grab one for a friend too.

Happy fortune telling my witches and wizards

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