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How to Burn Resin Incense

Burning resin incense is a delightful experience, whether its for spiritual or other reasons. The aroma from resins not only creates long-lasting memories, but it transports and transforms you with its sensory magick. To burn your resin incense safely and effectively, follow these instructions below:
  1. Take a heat safe container or a specifically designed incense burner. Fill it up with sand, ash, or salt; they help absorb the charcoal’s heat.
  2. For the resins to burn efficiently, you need to ensure that the coal gets burned completely. Lighting just the edges leads to inefficient burning of coal, and the fire quickly fizzles out.
  3. Always use tongs to handle the burning charcoal.
  4. Sprinkle or place a few pieces of resin over the charcoal and let it melt and burn. Use a minimal amount of resin that is enough to last for 15-20 mins. You don't need to add much.
  5. Once, it starts giving out amazingly fragrant and intoxicating smoke, witness magic taking place in front of your eyes.

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