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Bye Bye Bitchy Spray

‘I absolutely adore feeling like a hot-blooded, bloated bag of rage-ohol every 28 days!’…yeah, said NO lady ever! Which is why Purely Wicked has your back my witches, or, lower front as the case may be.

Introducing our Bye Bye Bitchy Spray! This is an aromatherapy chill-pill in a spray bottle, which you can use as a direct body spray, on clothing or bedding, or just spray right into your hands and inhale deeply. Bye Bye Bitchy is formulated with essential oils such as clary sage, which can help reduce blood pressure and cortisol (the stress hormone) and lavender oil known for calming properties, as well as peppermint oil, used in headache relief. Marjoram oil helps to reduce the pain of tight muscles and relieves fatigue, and fennel oil helps with muscle pain and digestive issues.
This is a wonderful spray for any time you need  some balancing and grounding- keep it in your purse on the go with you, too!

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