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Ritual Moon Bath Soak

Made to soothe and relax, give the gift of self care for yourself or a loved one.
Full moon bath soak is great tool for rituals and manifestation work.

Made with Sage , Palo Santo, Epsom Salt,  Pink Himalayan Salts, Dead Sea Salt, Bergamot & Lavender Essential Oils, Lavender, Rose, Cornflower and Calendula flowers as well a sprinkling of Juniper Berries


Use this bath salt to remove any negativity from your Soul and Aura. As we move through life we can collect excess energy that needs to be purged. This powerful mix will do the trick!

Note: For External Use Only!

Ingredients: (Use with caution to any allergies or medical conditions you may have.)
A magical blend of high quality , dried lavender, sage, rose petals, & calendula flowers 

-Rose petals Being the flower of love, roses have been used in magic love spells. It is believed that roses can promote love and stimulate one's sex drive. Furthermore, it is said that roses have the magical property to help in developing psychic knowledge and increase intuition.

-Lavender flowers are magical not only because of its healing properties but also its purifying and calming energy. Lavender was found to help increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which are essentially the ‘happy’ hormones in our body. Thus, providing great help to ease depression and anxiety as it promotes happy feelings as well as compassion.

It is also believed that lavender has the power to release any energy blocks and help you to get rid of unhealthy relationships, situations, or past events. Furthermore, lavender is said to have strong spiritual properties and high vibrations that can help to bridge the pathway in communicating with angels and higher-self.

-Sage-purifies the body and soul, by getting ride of negative energies.

-Bergamot-one of the main ingredients found in Florida Water,provides protection, prosperity, and happiness. Helps to instill inner confidence and inner courage,

-Pink Himalayan Salt-Has strong grounding and centering energies and brings abundance and prosperity

Bag contains 2-6 uses. 12 ounces of soak 

Soak in the tub and meditate . Focus on the water absorbing all that does not serve your highest good. When you have finished your bath do not get out until all the water is drained. While the water is draining, believe anything that did not serve you flushes away and down the drain. When the last drop of water drains you then will shower yourself, and the tub off, for any residue or left over. That is it! Poof, you have charged your Body to manifest you desires!

Blessings on your Spiritual Journey and Magical Quests!

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